Les Marsden for US Congress

Dear Friends —

(Tuesday, November 2, 2010) I would like to congratulate State Senator Jeff Denham on his election tonight to the United States House of Representatives in California’s 19th District.

It was two years ago – the night of the 2008 Presidential election – that I decided to run for this seat; the great support, encouragement, friendship and wisdom I have received from so many of you in the ensuing 24 months made this great journey incredibly worthwhile. I offer my support to Congressman-elect Denham and also a small bit of unsolicited but earnest advice: please remember that you will represent the people of this district – all of them. Remember to listen to the people of this district and place their needs above your own political party – exactly as I had vowed to do. Please remember that a democracy is not about the ‘tyranny of the majority’ but more important, about protecting the rights of the minority. It should never turn into fomenting a struggle between constituencies, party doctrines or classes – but rather: the wise representation of ALL those people of the district. And not merely a portion of them.

In the spirit of true friendship, I offer my help in whatever way it may be useful to the Congressman-elect. And at the same time, I wish him all the success he can possibly use. For in his success, lies the success of all we of the 19th District. And in turn, ultimately: the greater success of our nation.

As to my own future? From the June 8th primary, I’ve been urged to announce my candidacy for this seat in the 2012 election by party leadership, advisors, friends old and new who only came to know me through the campaign. The party faithful. Endorsing organizations who put their faith into me this time. All I can say is: I’m flattered and will certainly consider it but now’s not the time. Let’s see what the very near future brings to the 19th District. We’ll keep the website up and running; you’ll still hear from me from time to time – and if and when a future decision is made, you’ll be the first to know. But for now: let’s get behind our new Congressman and see how he does. Let’s consider again following the redistricting that will result from the 2010 census. And in the meanwhile, let’s continue to fight and work hard for those things in which we believe: Justice. Economic success. A clean, protected environment. Peace. Equality. Security. Education. Living wisely – and equitably. Helping and protecting the least amongst us.

And let’s all continue to believe in America – this great nation which unites us ALL, no matter our party, ethnic background, gender or personal beliefs.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks – sincerely – for everything you’ve done, and all you’ll continue to do for our nation.

With my best wishes for today, tomorrow – and always,